Meet Cheryl, Glassblower

Meet Cheryl, glassblower

At the heart of Saban Glass, is Cheryl. A woman who wears many hats: author, philanthropist, psychologist, musician, designer, social activist for gender equality and #hotshopmama. Today, however, you will likely find her with a blowpipe in her hand, a bowl of colorful frit by her side and a 2100 degree furnace supporting her efforts.

Her creative spirit flows like molten glass and can be seen in her resulting hand blown creations. She is color. Both inside and out. And believes in spreading that color to the world – through her functional art, as well as through her tireless charitable endeavors. 

As for those hats… well, she is the President of the Saban Family Foundation, founder of the Cheryl Saban Self-Worth Foundation for Women and Girls and a former senior advisor to the United States Mission to the United Nations… just to name a few. And of course, glassblower. Or as we like to call her, the #hotshopmama. Saban Glass is just one more way in which Cheryl can continue to create, and to create better lives for women and girls in need.

Homeblown Glass

Our brand headquarters is conveniently located at Cheryl Saban’s hot shop. A place where the entire Homeblown team gathers to partake in the concepting and development of hand blown glass. Our creations are intended to inspire togetherness and warmth in your home. So it should come as no surprise that they were brought to life in ours. And yeah, it is pretty warm in here!

Cheryl Saban Hand Blown Glass