Becoming a More Thoughtful Gift Giver

Becoming a More Thoughtful Gift Giver

Becoming a More Thoughtful Gift Giver 1200 633 Cheryl Saban Glass
becoming a more thoughtful gift giver

Have you ever felt the magic of gift giving? There is something very special and meaningful about a gesture – big or small – that exists solely to share and express love and gratitude. There is beauty in the hunt for the perfect gift for someone you love, whether it’s your spouse, child, boss, colleague…and there are plenty of opportunities this holiday season! Keep reading to find out how to be a more thoughtful gift giver with our 5 tips to become an amazing present-giver this year.

1. Think outside the box

You can’t go wrong by being creative with gifts. A new set of wine glasses may not seem like much but if they are her favorite color she will absolutely adore them!  Our Saban Glass drinkware is available in over 40 colors, giving you the opportunity to find the perfect color.  If you have a creative and artistic friend, make her a beautiful card and fill it in with things you love and admire about her. If your girlfriend is obsessed with cooking, then put together a little basket to hold all her favorite kitchen-time essentials (a whisk, rolling pin, measuring spoons etc.).

think outside the box, enjoy a wine set
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2. Be thoughtful

The thoughtfulness of a gift is more important than the cost. It can be as simple as a card with a hand-written note inside or a thank you card after an event. It could be a small yet thoughtful stand for their favorite book on their desk or a framed photo of you two at your favourite café. It might also be something that they’ve had their eye on for awhile and haven’t made the purchase.  These hand blown, made to order vases are true statement pieces and will add color to any room in their home.

3. Attention to detail

It’s always a good idea to pay attention to detail. In fact, it could be the difference between a great gift and one that falls flat. That said, how do you know what details matter? When in doubt, go small. Little things can make a big impact on someone’s day – especially if they’re presented beautifully! Be thoughtful about your choice of wrapping paper or card too. You want something that will stand out on their desk or table at home.  Our cobalt blue Fritsy color, available in our drinkware, bowls and vases, will make a statement outside and inside our custom gift boxes!

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4. Focus on experiences

Experiences are great for those who use their imagination and appreciate the opportunity to make memories together. Remember that this is about the two of you bonding rather than just getting an object that will occupy one place in your friend’s home! Participate in something together and document it – whether it be a wine tasting session, cooking class, live music event etc.

5. Give a handmade gift

Handmade gifts are perfect if you want to give the person something you made with your love and care. It’s special for the person who is receiving it and it will be equally satisfying for you because you can take pride in what you created.  You could also give the thoughtful gift of hand blown glass. Each Saban Glass item is made to order and hand made by the artist, Cheryl Saban. 

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Ready to start shopping now that you are armed and ready with our top 5 tips to become a more thoughtful gift giver?  Saban Glass has hand blown glass products for all occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, wedding or just because you want them know they are special – Saban Glass can help! Visit our website today to order any of our beautiful hand blown gifts that will be cherished forever.