Find Your “Flow Experience”

Find Your “Flow Experience”

Find Your “Flow Experience” 1170 600 Cheryl Saban Glass
cheryl skiing

“I have a butterfly brain but trust me, when I’m blowing glass I’m hyper focused. It’s like skiing.”
– Cheryl

It might surprise you to know that Cheryl’s two favorite things in life are skiing and blowing glass. In fact, she finds these two activities to be very similar in nature. Now on the surface, they seem to be two completely different things. One is hot. The other is (preferably) cold. One is indoors. The other takes place in the great outdoors. One is an age-old art form that dates back to the 1st century BC. The other, a sport.

So what makes these two seemingly very different activities so similar? Well, as Cheryl puts it…

“Skiing and blowing glass are both a flow experience.”
– Cheryl

Not to mention, the foundation of skiing is something very close Cheryl’s heart… the snowflake. But more on that to come.

As for blowing glass, it too can be very dangerous. The temperatures are beyond extreme. As in extreme molten glass. And in order to eliminate risk and create something beautiful, you have to be completely present. You must politely push aside all thoughts and fears and be at one with the process.

blue glass bowl
cheryl at work
cheryl skiing

Cheryl Saban, The So Cal Snowflake at work.


It is the “experience flow” that both protects and provides. It is the “experience flow” that lets emotion and creativity and passion be your guide. To ski. To hand blow glass. To do whatever it is that brings you joy.

The snowflake connects all the dots between these two activities. It is one of the most intricate and beautiful designs on Earth. It is the true embodiment of what it means to be one-of-a-kind. And as you will find, at the bottom of each of Cheryl’s hand blown creations, there is a snowflake stamp. It’s her way of celebrating the significance of blowing glass in her life… and the true imperfections that make it so very perfect.

“Snowflakes are so intricate and amazing. The designs are fairly consistent but very often have a quirk. It’s not a failure, it’s beautiful. They are an extraordinary gift from the universe.”
– Cheryl

The “experience flow” is something we all can achieve. You must approach your passions with passion. Become totally immersed in that world. Be in harmony with it. Do what you need to prepare. Get organized and get centered before you get going.

It is then that you will experience a sense of joy, lightness, even giddiness, while anticipating and participating in that activity.

“I put on my protective glasses and my heat protection sleeves, and I am fully focused, giddy inside and ready to flow.”
– Cheryl Saban

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