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The Gather is an eclectic mix of stories, advice, photography, insights and education. Some glass
focused. Some focused on creating lasting memories with friends and family. It’s a blog. Only with more personality, tailor-made content and lots and lots of color.

Staycation with Saban Glassware

A Staycation That Takes You Far, Far Away

Needless to say, we’ve all got a story to tell about a cancelled flight, hotel, trip or adventure in paradise. But now it’s time to move on and move into planning mode. It’s time for a staycation that takes you far, far away… even if it’s from the comfort of your very own home. Step [...]

Cheryl Saban Working on forging timeless glass

Timelessness isn’t made. It must be earned.

Timelessness begins at the very beginning – with the designer, architect, engineer, artist or maker. The individuals that painstakingly craft an idea into something that’s not only aesthetically beautiful, but immensely functional. As a general rule, nobody sets out to make something timeless. That takes, appropriately, a whole lot of time to earn the designation. [...]

Mothers Day 2020 Saban Glass


Needless to say, this Mother’s Day will be unlike any other Mother’s Day in history. In some cases, Mom’s are stepping up, even more than ever, to bring peace and harmony into our homes. As well as work, teach, feed, love and provide a general sense of calm. If you’re lucky enough to be with [...]

Saban Glass Work at home

Top 10 ways to make home…. Work.

A curated list of great advice for surviving and thriving at home. Look, we’re not necessarily experts on the matter. But we do have a few thoughts on how to deal with making the home… work. We’ve also seen some really good stuff online and on social media lately. So instead of just giving you [...]

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International Women’s Day.
Every Single Day

Raise your hand blown glasses high up in the air… to women and girls!   First of all… cheers to all the women and girls out there… those who are making a difference, making things equal and making a name for themselves. Kind of like our own #hotshopmama, Cheryl Saban, who has devoted her life [...]

Cheryl Saban Food Platter

Her art gets devoured.

A portrait of a food stylist, Amy Holt, @peasthankyou. She’s a member of our extended Saban Glass family. She’s a food stylist and photographer. And if you’ve been following us closely, you’ve definitely seen her vibrant and whimsical platters sitting alongside our hand blown glass. She’s Amy Holt and her job is to make food [...]

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