Gift Uplift

No matter the occasion, we’ve got your hand blown gift. Complete with a custom designed box tailor made for weddings, birthdays, thank yous,
anniversaries, housewarmings, and the holidays.

But remember, our glassware is custom made
so we need 4-5 weeks to make it for you.

Saban Gift

Cheers to You!


Hand-crafted, hand blown glass is the perfect gift for any occasion. In fact, it’s the perfect gift for no occasion at all. And don’t forget that with every purchase, you are giving $3 to BABY2BABY.



Hand blown glass by Cheryl Saban… a gift that will never grow older. Made to be appreciated and enjoyed today, tomorrow and for generations to come.



Whether it’s on the registry or not, there’s no doubt that the gift of hand blown glass is something that will be remembered forever. Not to mention, become a valued part of the newlywed family.

The Saban Glass hot shop is up and running! However, please be patient as certain orders might take a bit longer to fulfill. And certain items that require multiple team members to create, will be put on hold temporarily.