Handle with Care

Handle with Care

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It goes without saying that what happens in the hot shop, typically gets all the credit. For the hot shop is where the maker works her magic. It is where perfectly imperfect, hand blown creations are brought to life, from a simple bulb of molten glass. It’s the beginning of a vibrant journey.

But did you ever wonder what happens to the glass once it leaves the makers oven-mitted hands? How does it cool? How does it strengthen? How does it get so smooth? And how in the world does it get safely and soundly into your home? Well, needless to say, this part of the hand blown journey, although not as glamorous, might just be as important as the first.

Saban Glassware Handmade Glass Designs
Cheryl Saban Glassware Handmade Glass Decor

So what happens next?

Once the hand blown glass has been crafted to the satisfaction of Cheryl Saban, her signature snowflake stamp is then applied to the bottom of the glass (a symbol of nature and one-of-a-kind design). Next, the glass is rushed into the Annealer. Time is of the essence. The Annealer is like an oven, but in reverse. You see, instead of heating, it very slowly cools and solidifies the glass. This takes about 24 hours on average.

Once the cooling is complete, the glass is polished on a spinning-type of tool called the polishing wheel. This is how we achieve the smooth, and uniform edges. This is the final step in the formation of your one-of-a-kind, hand blown glass.

Cheryl Saban Handmade Glass Decor

Little did we know that “fulfillment,” could be so fulfilling.

Now that your made-to-order handcrafted glassware is complete, we move on to the fulfillment stage. We’re talking about packing and shipping. Your glass is packed in boxes with the same amount of love, passion (obsession) and attention to detail in which the glass was initially made. We have to… because it’s glass!

Saban Drinking Glasses Box

We take the notion of “handle with care” to even higher heights.

We methodically test our packaging and pack everything by hand, in our studio, because we never want your unboxing experience to be anything but pure joy.

Our custom made boxes were literally dropped, kicked, shipped and put through the ringer before they became worthy to be sent out in the world. No joke, we literally climbed up on ladders and dropped them to ensure that they would protect the precious handcrafted glassware cargo within.

Saban Glassware Drinking Glasses Packaging

Last but not least, each shipment of Saban Glass receives a card all about our #hotshopmama, Cheryl Saban.

Signed, sealed, and of course, safely delivered to your home.


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