Love Takes Preparation

Love Takes Preparation

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How many times has Valentine’s Day taken you by surprise? All of a sudden, there it is, and you are not prepared. You forgot to make dinner reservations. You forgot to buy a gift for your loved one. You forgot, because you just finished the holiday season and how the heck could you be expected to do it all over again.

But rest easy, because there is plenty of time. And maybe, we might just be able to help. Yes, we’re going to give you some gift ideas. But more importantly, we’re going to give you some preparation ideas.

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Five Steps to Make Valentine’s Day, a Much Better Day

Step 1: Think. Take a little time (a few days) to just think about what you might like to do. Think about love and chocolate and Hallmark cards but do it in advance. Start like right now. Think now, so you have plenty of time to activate later.

Step 2: Simplicity. You don’t have to go overboard to express your love. Remember, going out on Valentine’s Day can be overcrowded and overpriced. That is if you can even get a reservation. Maybe keep it simple. Watch the sunset. Order a pizza and open a special bottle of red wine.

Creativity Creates Memories. Not Fancy Restaurants.

Step 3: Give gifts that enhance the experience. Look, the holidays are over. We’ve given our husbands new boxers. We’ve given our wives new pajamas. This is Valentine’s Day. So give a gift that brings something extra to the actual Day. Like a bottle of bubbly and two hand blown glass flutes. Like a bottle of whiskey and two hand crafted whiskey glasses. Like a heart shaped box of chocolates and well, maybe some cold milk to wash it down. You get the picture.

Step 4: Have fun. Why not? Sure Valentine’s Day is pretty serious business. But why not look past that. Think of it as a really good excuse to get out, have a date, eat a meal, laugh, kiss and remember why you fell in love in the first place. And remember…

It doesn’t have to be perfect. But you do have to prepare.

Step 5: Don’t put too much pressure on your night. Too many Valentine’s Days have been ruined because they didn’t live up to expectations. Raise your hand if this has happened to you (all of ours are raised). But here’s the good news, if you’ve prepared in advance, there’s no need for any pressure.

So Happy Valentine’s Day from Saban Glass. We’ll be sure to raise a hand blown glass to you. And for an early start on gifting…Click here!