Add Color to your


This year, our Thanksgiving gatherings might be smaller in size, but they are by no means smaller in significance. So let’s be sure to dial up our traditions, especially the colors, and add even more brilliance into our homes, and to the homes of our loved ones.


Thanksgiving Inspiration
from the #hotshopmama


Cheryl’s Thanksgiving table is a celebration of color, patterns and of course, hand blown glass. She loves to mix up different styles of crockery that she has collected over the years, and give each family member something that well represents their own colorful personality.

Other unique touches consist of rosemary picked from her garden to adorn the
napkins. As well as mixing in some very special keepsakes handed down from her Mom and Grandmother.

“It’s a beautiful way to inspire family discussions and conjure up fond memories.
I feel we have so much to be grateful for – and it all begins with family.”
-Cheryl Saban


Thanksgiving Tablescape Must-Haves

Fritsy Glasses

Our bestselling Fritsy glasses bring an elegant pop of color to any tablescape. No two are exactly alike and they are available in over 20 colors as drinking glasses, wine glasses, high balls and whiskey glasses.


No tablescape is complete without a festive centerpiece. Let your florals shine in one of our Fritsy Flora vases available in over 18 colors to match any color scheme you are creating.


And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s not forget every piece of glass you purchase gives $3 to Baby2Baby. Not only does the money go to essential needs like diapers and formula but also meals for families to enjoy together.

From Candle to Cocktails


THREE reasons our candles are the perfect gift:

1. They are individually handblown and hand poured and come with 5 hue-appropriate scents that provide 40+ hours of holiday ambiance.

2. Once these candles have run their course, the Fritsy glass lives on as a traditional drinking glass.

3. Each purchase gives $3 to our to Baby2Baby partner and their efforts to provide basic neccessities to children living in poverty.


Need some inspiration for what to make once it transforms into a drinking glass?

Mix up this delicious craft cocktail that is sure to be a family favorite.



1 T Cranberry Puree
.5oz Fresh Lime Juice
4oz Ginger Beer

To make the cranberry puree simply blend a 14oz can of whole cranberry sauce and zest of one orange. To make your mule, combine 1 heaping tablespoon of puree and the lime juice to a shaker with ice and shake vigorously. Add 4oz of Gingerbeer to the tin and swirl to make sure everything is combined. Pour into your new homeblown glass and garnish with sugared (or plain) cranberries.

Give it a healthy kick by swapping your gingerbeer out for a ginger kombucha. Kids not keen on the spiciness of ginger beer? Try making this with lemon-lime soda or ginger ale. Need something harder? Add a shot of your favorite spirit or try using a hard kombucha! To make a pitcher multiply your ingredients by 6 to make a quart of beverage.


We have been busy scouring Pinterest and our feeds for ways to decorate, entertain and make new traditions this Fall. Here are some of our favorites. Please feel free to share yours with us on instagram @sabanglassware and we will make sure to pass it on to our community.