Shipping, Delivery & Returns Policy

Wholesale Customers: All orders placed before 8pm PST on October 4th will be delivered on or before December 23rd 2021.  All orders placed after 8pm PST on October 4th will be made in the order received after the New Year.  Expected lead times will be updated at that time.

Direct Customers: All website orders placed before 10pm PST on November 14th will be delivered on or before December 23rd 2021.  All website orders placed after 10pm PST on November 14th CAN NOT be promised before Christmas or New Years Day

We do not offer returns or exchanges. Custom requests are accepted, but we might not be able to accommodate all of them. We’ll do our best. Don’t hesitate to ask. For questions and/or concerns, please contact us.

The Saban Glass hot shop is up and running! However, please be patient as certain orders might take a bit longer to fulfill. And certain items that require multiple team members to create, will be put on hold temporarily.