Terms and Conditions Wholesale

 Cheryl Saban Designs LLC

Non-Binding Summary of Terms

This Summary of Terms is for discussion purposes only and is not intended to be, and does not constitute a, legally binding obligation on any party.


$500 minimum order, plus shipping, for first and ongoing orders unless otherwise agreed to in writing.


All authorized retailers will receive wholesale/trade pricing as set forth online per item at www.sabanglassware.com. Due to the nature of the materials we work with, prices and availability are subject to change without notice.


The recommended retail price of our products (the “RRP”), which is set forth in online per item at www.sabanglassware.com, is the minimum price for which retailers are permitted to sell our products without our express prior permission in writing. You may sell our products for a price in excess of the RRP, but you are not permitted in any circumstances to sell any products for less than the RRP without our express prior written permission.


Opening order must be prepaid in full by credit card or paypal and all reorders must be paid in full at the time of the order.


Crafting and delivery times and shipping costs will vary from order to order. Drop shipping services or direct to customer services are not provided. All wholesale orders must ship to the store front or agreed store owned location.


It is the retailer’s obligation to inspect all shipments immediately upon arrival. Written notice to wholesale@cherylsabanglass.com must be made within five days of delivery of damaged or defective shipments. Please keep all packaging, including packaging materials, even if damaged, while we process your return. Returned merchandise will be repaired or replaced with new merchandise if unable to be repaired. Returned merchandise will not be accepted if it is held for more than 15 days after delivery or if returned without providing written notice to report damage or defects as outlined above. Retailer is responsible for all return shipping charges.


All items are made to order. Therefore items may not be returned or exchanged. We only accept returns in the case of defective merchandise as noted above.


Due to the handmade nature of our fabrication process and the materials we use in our designs, no two items will ever be exactly the same. The items shown in our catalog, website or elsewhere are a close representation of the finished items you will receive. Products, styles, thickness, shapes, and colors of our products change often. We so try very hard, but can not promise the exact same size/style/thickness/shape/color previously ordered will be available to reorder.


We do not provide exclusivity to wholesalers, designers, or any other retailer and we reserve the right to sell our products at any location unless otherwise agreed to in writing.


Retailers are not permitted, under any circumstance, to display and/or sell our designs, whether on their premises or elsewhere, without the labeling provided and/or to represent themselves or any other entity as the creator and/or designer of our products, in whole or in part. It is illegal to provide misleading, false, or fraudulent information to establish a wholesale relationship and receive discounted prices for anything other than resale purposes.


Questions about the Terms should be sent to us at csd@saban.com.